Version: 9.12.0
GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator Class Reference

The implementation of iterator of intersected shapes for Get In Place Algorithm. More...

#include <GEOMAlgo_GetInPlace.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator ()
 Destructor. More...
void Clear ()
 Clear the internal content. More...
void AppendPair (const GEOMAlgo_CoupleOfShapes &theCS)
 Append the pair of intersected shapes. More...
void Initialize (const TopAbs_ShapeEnum theT1, const TopAbs_ShapeEnum theT2)
 Initialize the iterator. More...
Standard_Boolean More () const
 Check the existence of pairs to iterare. More...
void Next ()
 Shift to the next pair. More...
const GEOMAlgo_CoupleOfShapesValue () const
 Returns the pair of intersected shapes. More...

Protected Attributes

Standard_Integer myDim
GEOMAlgo_ListOfCoupleOfShapes myLists [10]
GEOMAlgo_ListOfCoupleOfShapes myEmptyList
GEOMAlgo_ListIteratorOfListOfCoupleOfShapes myIterator

Detailed Description

The intersection is in terms of 3D bounding boxes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator()

GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator ( )

References myDim.

◆ ~GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator()

GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::~GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AppendPair()

void GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::AppendPair ( const GEOMAlgo_CoupleOfShapes theCS)

◆ Clear()

void GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::Clear ( )

References myDim, and myLists.

◆ Initialize()

void GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::Initialize ( const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  theT1,
const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  theT2 
theT1The type of (sub)shape What.
theT2The type of (sub)shape Where.

References myEmptyList, myIterator, myLists, and TypeToInteger().

◆ More()

Standard_Boolean GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::More ( ) const
Standard_True if there are pairs to iterare.

References myIterator.

◆ Next()

void GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::Next ( )

References myIterator.

◆ Value()

const GEOMAlgo_CoupleOfShapes & GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::Value ( ) const
The pair of intersected shapes.

References myIterator.

Member Data Documentation

◆ myDim

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::myDim

◆ myEmptyList

GEOMAlgo_ListOfCoupleOfShapes GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::myEmptyList

◆ myIterator

GEOMAlgo_ListIteratorOfListOfCoupleOfShapes GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::myIterator

◆ myLists

GEOMAlgo_ListOfCoupleOfShapes GEOMAlgo_GetInPlaceIterator::myLists[10]

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