Version: 9.12.0
GEOMAlgo_PassKeyMapHasher Class Reference

#include <GEOMAlgo_PassKeyMapHasher.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer HashCode (const GEOMAlgo_PassKey &aPKey, const Standard_Integer Upper)
static Standard_EXPORT Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const GEOMAlgo_PassKey &aPKey1, const GEOMAlgo_PassKey &aPKey2)

Member Function Documentation

◆ HashCode()

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_PassKeyMapHasher::HashCode ( const GEOMAlgo_PassKey aPKey,
const Standard_Integer  Upper 

◆ IsEqual()

Standard_Boolean GEOMAlgo_PassKeyMapHasher::IsEqual ( const GEOMAlgo_PassKey aPKey1,
const GEOMAlgo_PassKey aPKey2 

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