Version: 9.12.0
GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid Class Reference

#include <GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid:
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Public Member Functions

Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT void Perform ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeSolid
Standard_EXPORT void SetFiller (const BOPAlgo_PaveFiller &aDSF)
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_ShapeSolid ()
Standard_EXPORT const TopTools_ListOfShape & Shapes (const TopAbs_State aState) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer ErrorStatus () const
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer WarningStatus () const
Standard_EXPORT void ComputeInternalShapes (const Standard_Boolean theFlag)
 Allows to omit of creation of internal shapes (manifold topology). More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual Standard_EXPORT void BuildResult ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeSolid
Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_ShapeSolid ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_Algo ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_Algo ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT void CheckData ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT void CheckResult ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeSolid
TopTools_ListOfShape myLSIN
TopTools_ListOfShape myLSOUT
TopTools_ListOfShape myLSON
Standard_Integer myRank
BOPAlgo_PPaveFiller myDSFiller
- Protected Attributes inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_Integer myErrorStatus
Standard_Integer myWarningStatus
Standard_Boolean myComputeInternalShapes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid()

GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid::GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid ( )

◆ ~GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid()

GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid::~GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildResult()

◆ Perform()

void GEOMAlgo_VertexSolid::Perform ( )

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