Version: 9.10.0
Python wrapping

The main classes and methods are wrapped in Python with the SWIG tool (at least version 1.3.24)

Multi modules

As in C++ the wrapping is split in 3 modules : engine, runtime, loader so that other runtime or loader can be used with the same engine. We need to be careful with definitions shared by the 3 modules : put them in a unique dynamic library and link the modules with it.

Exception wrapping

In swig, exception can be wrapped either by declaring throw in interface file (.i) or by declaring an exception handler. A generic exception handler has been declared and automatic generation has been desactivated (SWIG option -noexcept).

Global Interpreter Lock

For some methods we need to release the Python GIL. This is done by using a swig exception handler that releases the lock on entry and reacquires it on exit.


Some methods (factory mainly) don't give ownership to python. For example, createNode from runtime object returns a newly created node to python but python has not ownership so when it disappears from python, the C++ object is not destroyed. To give ownership to python we use newobject macro.