Acces to HexaBlock component in python language:

import hexablock

Add a new empty document in the session:

doc = hexablock.addDocument(name)

Add a new document loaded from a xml file:

doc2 = hexablock.loadDocument(filename)

Get the number of opened document in the session:

nd = hexablock.countDocument()

Get the document number i:

doc_i = hexablock.getDocument(i)

Remove a document in the session:


Get a document from the current study:

doc = hexablock.getFromStudy(doc_entry)

Add a document in the current study:


A tool to dump a model of block:

hexablock.dump(doc, [mesh, [full]])
  • doc: the document to dump
  • mesh: an optional mesh of this document
  • full:
    • False: to have a short dump (by default)
    • True: to have a full dump

GUI command: Component