Version: 9.9.0
Introduction to HYBRIDPLUGIN

HYBRIDPLUGIN plugin is designed for:

  • Meshing 3D geometric closed entities: volumes are split into tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms and hexahedra elements.
  • Generating 3D meshes from 2D meshes of a wrap (triangles and quadrangles), working with geometrical objects for setting and meshing layers.
HYBRIDPLUGIN plugin used MeshGems-Hybrid commercial mesher and require a license to be used within the Mesh module.

To manage parameters of the HYBRIDPLUGIN use HYBRID Parameters hypothesis and Layers Meshes

Also all HYBRIDPLUGIN functionalities are accessible via HYBRIDPLUGIN Python interface.

Example of a Hybrid 3D mesh with a layer (sky blue on all wrap, clipped for view)