Version: 9.12.0
Mesh Class Reference

This class allows defining and managing a mesh. More...

Public Member Functions

def Hexahedron (algo_type, geom_shape=0)
 Creates hexahedron 3D algorithm for volumes. More...

Detailed Description

This class allows defining and managing a mesh.

The documentation below does not provide complete description of class Mesh from smeshBuilder package. This documentation provides only information about the methods dynamically added to the Mesh class by the HexoticPLUGIN plugin For more details on the Mesh class, please refer to the SALOME Mesh module documentation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Hexahedron()

def Hexahedron (   algo_type,
  geom_shape = 0 

Creates hexahedron 3D algorithm for volumes.

This method is dynamically added to Mesh class by the meshing plug-in(s).

If the optional geom_shape parameter is not set, this algorithm is global (applied to whole mesh). Otherwise, this algorithm defines a submesh based on geom_shape subshape.

algo_typetype of algorithm to be created; allowed values are specified by classes implemented by plug-in
geom_shapeif defined, the subshape to be meshed (GEOM_Object)
An instance of Mesh_Algorithm sub-class according to the specified algo_type, see HexoticPLUGINBuilder.Hexotic_Algorithm