Version: 9.12.0
BREPPlugin_IOperations_i Class Reference

#include <BREPPlugin_IOperations_i.hh>

Inheritance diagram for BREPPlugin_IOperations_i:
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Public Member Functions

 BREPPlugin_IOperations_i (PortableServer::POA_ptr thePOA, GEOM::GEOM_Gen_ptr theEngine, BREPPlugin_IOperations *theImpl)
 ~BREPPlugin_IOperations_i ()
void ExportBREP (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const char *)
GEOM::ListOfGOImportBREP (const char *)
BREPPlugin_IOperationsGetOperations ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOM_IOperations_i
 GEOM_IOperations_i (PortableServer::POA_ptr thePOA, GEOM::GEOM_Gen_ptr theEngine, ::GEOM_IOperations *theImpl)
 ~GEOM_IOperations_i ()
virtual CORBA::Boolean IsDone ()
virtual void SetErrorCode (const char *theErrorCode)
virtual char * GetErrorCode ()
virtual GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject_ptr GetBaseObject (Handle(::GEOM_BaseObject) theObject)
virtual void FinishOperation ()
virtual void AbortOperation ()
::GEOM_IOperationsGetImpl ()
virtual void UpdateGUIForObject (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr theObj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BREPPlugin_IOperations_i()

BREPPlugin_IOperations_i::BREPPlugin_IOperations_i ( PortableServer::POA_ptr  thePOA,
GEOM::GEOM_Gen_ptr  theEngine,
BREPPlugin_IOperations theImpl 


◆ ~BREPPlugin_IOperations_i()

BREPPlugin_IOperations_i::~BREPPlugin_IOperations_i ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ ExportBREP()

void BREPPlugin_IOperations_i::ExportBREP ( GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr  theOriginal,
const char *  theFileName 

ExportBREP Export a shape to BREP format

theOriginalThe shape to export
theFileNameThe name of the exported file

References BREPPlugin_IOperations::ExportBREP(), GetOperations(), Handle(), and GEOM_IOperations::SetNotDone().

◆ GetOperations()

BREPPlugin_IOperations * BREPPlugin_IOperations_i::GetOperations ( )

◆ ImportBREP()

GEOM::ListOfGO * BREPPlugin_IOperations_i::ImportBREP ( const char *  theFileName)

ImportBREP Import a shape from BREP format

theFileNameThe name of the file to import
List of GEOM_Objects, containing the created shape and propagation groups.

References GetOperations(), Handle(), GEOM_IOperations_i::IsDone(), and GEOM_IOperations::SetNotDone().

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