Version: 9.12.0
GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty Class Referenceabstract

Common interface for working with shape dimension and annotation properties of object in a unified way irrespectively of the implementation.

#include <GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual int GetNumber ()=0
virtual QString GetName (const int theIndex)=0
virtual bool GetIsVisible (const int theIndex)=0
virtual void SetIsVisible (const int theIndex, const bool theIsVisible)=0
virtual void Save ()=0

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetIsVisible()

virtual bool GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty::GetIsVisible ( const int  theIndex)
pure virtual

◆ GetName()

virtual QString GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty::GetName ( const int  theIndex)
pure virtual

◆ GetNumber()

virtual int GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty::GetNumber ( )
pure virtual

◆ Save()

virtual void GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty::Save ( )
pure virtual

◆ SetIsVisible()

virtual void GEOMGUI_TextTreeWdg::VisualProperty::SetIsVisible ( const int  theIndex,
const bool  theIsVisible 
pure virtual

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