Version: 9.12.0
TransformationGUI_RotationDlg Class Reference

#include <TransformationGUI_RotationDlg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TransformationGUI_RotationDlg (GeometryGUI *, QWidget *=0, bool=false, Qt::WindowFlags=0)
 ~TransformationGUI_RotationDlg ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Skeleton
 GEOMBase_Skeleton (GeometryGUI *, QWidget *=0, bool=false, Qt::WindowFlags=0)
 ~GEOMBase_Skeleton ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Helper
 GEOMBase_Helper (SUIT_Desktop *, SUIT_ViewWindow *aVW=0)
virtual ~GEOMBase_Helper ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual GEOM::GEOM_IOperations_ptr createOperation ()
virtual bool isValid (QString &)
virtual bool execute (ObjectList &)
virtual void addSubshapesToStudy ()
virtual void restoreSubShapes (SALOMEDS::SObject_ptr)
virtual QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtrgetSourceObjects ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Skeleton
void initSpinBox (QSpinBox *, int, int, int=1)
void initSpinBox (SalomeApp_DoubleSpinBox *, double, double, double=0.1, const char *="length_precision")
void updateAttributes (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const QStringList &)
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
void initName (const QString &=QString())
virtual QString getNewObjectName (int CurrObj=-1) const
int getConstructorId () const
void setConstructorId (const int)
void unsetConstructorId ()
void showOnlyPreviewControl ()
void setHelpFileName (const QString &)
GEOMBase_DlgSkeletonmainFrame ()
QWidgetcentralWidget ()
QPushButton * buttonCancel () const
QPushButton * buttonOk () const
QPushButton * buttonApply () const
QPushButton * buttonHelp () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Helper
void display (const ObjectList &, const bool=true)
void display (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const bool=true)
void erase (const ObjectList &, const bool=true)
void erase (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const bool=true)
void redisplay (const ObjectList &, const bool=true, const bool=true)
void redisplay (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const bool=true, const bool=true)
virtual void displayPreview (const bool display, const bool activate=false, const bool update=true, const bool toRemoveFromEngine=true, const double lineWidth=-1, const int displayMode=-1, const int color=-1, const bool append=false)
virtual void displayPreview (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr obj, const bool append=false, const bool activate=false, const bool update=true, const double lineWidth=-1, const int displayMode=-1, const int color=-1)
void displayPreview (const SALOME_Prs *prs, const bool append=false, const bool=true)
void erasePreview (const bool=true)
const PrsListgetPreview () const
void localSelection (const ObjectList &, const std::list< int >)
void localSelection (const ObjectList &, const int)
void localSelection (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const std::list< int >)
void localSelection (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const int)
void localSelection (const std::string &, const std::string &, const std::list< int >)
void localSelection (const std::list< int >)
void localSelection (const int)
void activate (const int)
void globalSelection (const int=GEOM_ALLOBJECTS, const bool=false)
void globalSelection (const TColStd_MapOfInteger &, const bool=false)
void globalSelection (const TColStd_MapOfInteger &, const QList< int > &, const bool=false)
void updateViewer ()
void prepareSelection (const ObjectList &, const int)
void prepareSelection (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const int)
QString addInStudy (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr, const char *theName)
bool openCommand ()
bool abortCommand ()
bool commitCommand (const char *=0)
bool hasCommand () const
void updateObjBrowser () const
SalomeApp_Study * getStudy () const
bool checkViewWindow ()
bool onAccept (const bool publish=true, const bool useTransaction=true, bool erasePreviewFlag=true)
void showError ()
void showError (const QString &msg)
GEOM::GEOM_IOperations_ptr getOperation ()
void setPrefix (const QString &prefix)
QString getPrefix (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr=GEOM::GEOM_Object::_nil()) const
bool selectObjects (ObjectList &objects)
virtual GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr getFather (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr theObj)
virtual QString getObjectName (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr object) const
virtual bool extractPrefix () const
GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr findObjectInFather (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr theFather, const QString &theName)
GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr findObjectInFather (GEOM::GEOM_Object_ptr theFather, int theIndex)
GEOM::GeomObjPtr getSelected (TopAbs_ShapeEnum type)
GEOM::GeomObjPtr getSelected (const QList< TopAbs_ShapeEnum > &types)
QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtrgetSelected (TopAbs_ShapeEnum type, int count, bool strict=true)
QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtrgetSelected (const QList< TopAbs_ShapeEnum > &types, int count, bool strict=true)
void hideSourceObjects (QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtr > theObjectList)
void SetIsPreview (const bool thePreview)
bool IsPreview ()
GEOM_DisplayergetDisplayer ()
SUIT_Desktop * getDesktop () const
virtual void setIsApplyAndClose (const bool theFlag)
virtual bool isApplyAndClose () const
virtual void setIsOptimizedBrowsing (const bool theFlag)
virtual bool isOptimizedBrowsing () const
virtual void setIsWaitCursorEnabled (const bool theFlag)
virtual bool isWaitCursorEnabled () const
virtual void setIsDisableBrowsing (const bool theFlag)
virtual bool isDisableBrowsing () const
virtual void setIsDisplayResult (const bool theFlag)
virtual bool isDisplayResult () const

Private Slots

void ClickOnOk ()
bool ClickOnApply ()
void ActivateThisDialog ()
void SelectionIntoArgument ()
void SetEditCurrentArgument ()
void ValueChangedInSpinBox ()
void TextValueChangedInSpinBox (const QString &)
void CreateCopyModeChanged ()
void ConstructorsClicked (int)
void onReverse ()

Private Member Functions

void Init ()
void enterEvent (QEvent *)
double GetAngle () const

Private Attributes

QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtrmyObjects
GEOM::GeomObjPtr myCurrObject
GEOM::GeomObjPtr myAxis
GEOM::GeomObjPtr myCentPoint
GEOM::GeomObjPtr myPoint1
GEOM::GeomObjPtr myPoint2
bool myInitial

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from GEOMBase_Skeleton
void constructorsClicked (int)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Helper
static SUIT_ViewWindow * getActiveView ()
- Protected Types inherited from GEOMBase_Helper
typedef std::list< SALOME_Prs * > PrsList
- Protected Slots inherited from GEOMBase_Skeleton
virtual void ClickOnCancel ()
virtual void processPreview ()
void LineEditReturnPressed ()
void DeactivateActiveDialog ()
void ActivateThisDialog ()
virtual void ClickOnHelp ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMBase_Helper
static GEOM::GEOM_Gen_ptr getGeomEngine ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from GEOMBase_Skeleton
QLineEdit * myEditCurrentArgument
 Current LineEdit. More...
 reference GEOM GUI More...
QString myHelpFileName
 Associated HTML help file name. More...
QButtonGroup * myRBGroup
 radio button group More...
 dialog box's mainframe widget More...
QString myHelpContext
 Help context, needed for the customization path where located plugins help HTML pages. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransformationGUI_RotationDlg()

◆ ~TransformationGUI_RotationDlg()

TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::~TransformationGUI_RotationDlg ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ActivateThisDialog

◆ addSubshapesToStudy()

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::addSubshapesToStudy ( )

◆ ClickOnApply

◆ ClickOnOk

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::ClickOnOk ( )

◆ ConstructorsClicked

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::ConstructorsClicked ( int  constructorId)

◆ CreateCopyModeChanged

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::CreateCopyModeChanged ( )

◆ createOperation()

GEOM::GEOM_IOperations_ptr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::createOperation ( )

Reimplemented from GEOMBase_Helper.

References GEOMBase_Helper::getGeomEngine().

◆ enterEvent()

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::enterEvent ( QEvent *  )

◆ execute()

◆ GetAngle()

double TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::GetAngle ( ) const

References GroupPoints.

◆ getSourceObjects()

QList< GEOM::GeomObjPtr > TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::getSourceObjects ( )

Reimplemented from GEOMBase_Helper.

References GroupPoints, myAxis, myCentPoint, myObjects, myPoint1, and myPoint2.

◆ Init()

◆ isValid()

bool TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::isValid ( QString &  msg)

◆ onReverse

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::onReverse ( )

References GroupPoints.

◆ restoreSubShapes()

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::restoreSubShapes ( SALOMEDS::SObject_ptr  theSObject)

◆ SelectionIntoArgument

◆ SetEditCurrentArgument

◆ TextValueChangedInSpinBox

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::TextValueChangedInSpinBox ( const QString &  s)

References GroupPoints.

◆ ValueChangedInSpinBox

void TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::ValueChangedInSpinBox ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ GroupPoints

DlgRef_4Sel1Spin2Check* TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::GroupPoints

◆ myAxis

GEOM::GeomObjPtr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myAxis

◆ myCentPoint

GEOM::GeomObjPtr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myCentPoint

◆ myCurrObject

GEOM::GeomObjPtr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myCurrObject

◆ myInitial

bool TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myInitial

◆ myObjects

QList<GEOM::GeomObjPtr> TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myObjects

◆ myPoint1

GEOM::GeomObjPtr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myPoint1

◆ myPoint2

GEOM::GeomObjPtr TransformationGUI_RotationDlg::myPoint2

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