Version: 9.12.0
GEOM::GEOM_IOperations Interface Reference

Basic methods of all geometric operations.


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Public Member Functions

boolean IsDone ()
 To know, if the operation was successfully performed. More...
void SetErrorCode (in string theErrorID)
 Set the operation error code. More...
string GetErrorCode ()
 Get the operation error code. More...
void StartOperation ()
 Opens a new transaction. More...
void FinishOperation ()
 Closes the previously opened transaction. More...
void AbortOperation ()
 Aborts the previously opened transaction. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ AbortOperation()

void GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::AbortOperation ( )

◆ FinishOperation()

void GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::FinishOperation ( )

◆ GetErrorCode()

string GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::GetErrorCode ( )

◆ IsDone()

boolean GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::IsDone ( )

◆ SetErrorCode()

void GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::SetErrorCode ( in string  theErrorID)
theErrorIDis a string describing the error occurred
This method is supposed to be used only by interfaces inheriting from IOperations.

◆ StartOperation()

void GEOM::GEOM_IOperations::StartOperation ( )

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