Version: 9.12.0
EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ Struct Reference

Public Slots

 XYZ ()

Public Attributes

double x
double y
double z
int L
int A
int T
QString command
QString params

Member Function Documentation


EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::XYZ ( )

References A, command, L, params, T, x, y, and z.

Member Data Documentation

◆ A

int EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::A

◆ command

QString EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::command

◆ L

int EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::L

◆ params

QString EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::params

◆ T

int EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::T

◆ x

double EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::x

◆ y

double EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::y

◆ z

double EntityGUI_3DSketcherDlg::XYZ::z

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