Version: 9.12.0
GEOMUtils::ActionData Struct Reference

Plugin action data.

#include <GEOMUtils_XmlHandler.hxx>

Public Attributes

std::string label
 unique ID More...
std::string icon
 icon More...
std::string menuText
 menu text More...
std::string toolTip
 tooltip More...
std::string statusText
 status bar text More...
std::string accel
 shortcut More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ accel

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::accel

◆ icon

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::icon

◆ label

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::label

◆ menuText

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::menuText

◆ statusText

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::statusText

◆ toolTip

std::string GEOMUtils::ActionData::toolTip

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