Version: 9.12.0
KERNEL Services helper functions for C++ programmers

You'l find here a documentation for using the KernelHelper package of the KERNEL module.

This package provides the programmer with helper functions to deal with the KERNEL services and the study.

  1. Quick Overview
  2. Usage of the SALOME_KernelServices
  3. Usage of the SALOME_StudyEditor

Quick Overview

When developing a SALOME application, programmers often have to deal with fundamentals objects as the NamingService, the LifeCycleCorba, the ResourcesManager and the SalomeLauncher and have to manage the data in a Study object.

This documentation illustrates how to use these objects in standard C++ use cases and with the helper functions of the KernelHelper package of the KERNEL module. The KernelHelper package should be used by end user programmers, i.e. programmers that don't need the complexity of the complete KERNEL API, typically when developing a SALOME module for a domain specific application.

For illustration of this short introduction, the code below creates an executable binary program that calls the SalomeTestComponent using the LifeCycleCorba and requests the Coucou service of this component (the test component is included in the KERNEL module):

#include "Basics_Utils.hxx"
#include <SALOMEconfig.h>
#include CORBA_CLIENT_HEADER(SALOME_TestComponent)
void main (int argc, char * argv[]) {
Engines::EngineComponent_var component =
KERNEL::getLifeCycleCORBA()->FindOrLoad_Component( "FactoryServer","SalomeTestComponent" );
Engines::TestComponent_var engine = Engines::TestComponent::_narrow(component);
int main()
Definition: BasicMainTest.hxx:27
#define STDLOG(msg)
Definition: Basics_Utils.hxx:153
Engines::EngineComponent_ptr FindOrLoad_Component(const Engines::ContainerParameters &params, const char *componentName)
Find an already existing and registered component instance or load a new component instance on a cont...
Definition: SALOME_LifeCycleCORBA.cxx:219
SALOME_LifeCycleCORBA * getLifeCycleCORBA()
This function returns a static reference to the SALOME life cycle CORBA.
Definition: SALOME_KernelServices.cxx:66

Usage of the SALOME_KernelServices


Usage of the SALOME_StudyEditor