SHAPER  9.12.0
GeomAlgoAPI_NormalToFace Class Reference

Allows to create normal to face-shapes. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static GEOMALGOAPI_EXPORT bool normal (GeomShapePtr theFace, GeomShapePtr thePoint, GeomEdgePtr theNormal, std::string &theError)
 Get the normal to face-shapes. More...

Detailed Description

Allows to create normal to face-shapes.

Member Function Documentation

◆ normal()

bool GeomAlgoAPI_NormalToFace::normal ( GeomShapePtr  theFace,
GeomShapePtr  thePoint,
GeomEdgePtr  theNormal,
std::string &  theError 

Get the normal to face-shapes.

thefacethe face
thePointthe optional point
theNormalthe normal
theErrorthe error