SHAPER  9.12.0
ModuleBase_PrefMgr Class Reference

Implementation of preferences manager interface. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ModuleBase_PrefMgr (ModuleBase_PreferencesMgr *theMgr)
 Constructor. More...
virtual int addPreference (const QString &theLbl, int pId, SUIT_PreferenceMgr::PrefItemType theType, const QString &theSection, const QString &theName)
 Add preference item into preference dialog box. More...
virtual void setItemProperty (const QString &thePropName, const QVariant &theValue, const int theId=-1)
 Set property of an item. More...
virtual SUIT_PreferenceMgrprefMgr () const
 Returns incapsulated preference manager. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of preferences manager interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModuleBase_PrefMgr()

ModuleBase_PrefMgr::ModuleBase_PrefMgr ( ModuleBase_PreferencesMgr theMgr)


theMgra preferences manager

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPreference()

virtual int ModuleBase_PrefMgr::addPreference ( const QString &  theLbl,
int  pId,
SUIT_PreferenceMgr::PrefItemType  theType,
const QString &  theSection,
const QString &  theName 

Add preference item into preference dialog box.

theLbl- label of the item
pId- id of container item
theType- type of the item
theSection- resouce section name
theName- name of the resource Returns Id of the ctreated item

Implements ModuleBase_IPrefMgr.

◆ setItemProperty()

virtual void ModuleBase_PrefMgr::setItemProperty ( const QString &  thePropName,
const QVariant &  theValue,
const int  theId = -1 

Set property of an item.

thePropNamethe property name
theValuethe value of the property
theIdid of the property

Implements ModuleBase_IPrefMgr.

◆ prefMgr()

virtual SUIT_PreferenceMgr* ModuleBase_PrefMgr::prefMgr ( ) const

Returns incapsulated preference manager.

Implements ModuleBase_IPrefMgr.