SHAPER  9.12.0
XGUI_TransparencyWidget Class Reference

A class of a widget to chose transparency. More...

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void transparencyValueChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 XGUI_TransparencyWidget (QWidget *theParent, const QString &theLabelText=QString())
 Constructor. More...
void setValue (double theValue)
 Initializes the dialog with the given value. More...
double getValue () const
 Returns the current transparency value. More...

Detailed Description

A class of a widget to chose transparency.

range of values is [0, 1], where 0 - there is no transparency, 1 - the object is fully transparent.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XGUI_TransparencyWidget()

XGUI_TransparencyWidget::XGUI_TransparencyWidget ( QWidget theParent,
const QString &  theLabelText = QString() 


theParenta parent widget for the dialog
theLabelTextif not empty, the information label will be shown in the widget

Member Function Documentation

◆ setValue()

void XGUI_TransparencyWidget::setValue ( double  theValue)

Initializes the dialog with the given value.

theValuetransparency value

◆ getValue()

double XGUI_TransparencyWidget::getValue ( ) const

Returns the current transparency value.