Version: 9.12.0
STEPPlugin_GUI Class Reference

#include <STEPPlugin_GUI.h>

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Public Member Functions

 STEPPlugin_GUI (GeometryGUI *parent)
 ~STEPPlugin_GUI ()
bool OnGUIEvent (int commandId, SUIT_Desktop *)
bool OnGUIEvent (const QString &, SUIT_Desktop *)
 Parameter action specifies the operation ID. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMPluginGUI
 GEOMPluginGUI (GeometryGUI *parent)
virtual ~GEOMPluginGUI ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMGUI
 GEOMGUI (GeometryGUI *parent)
virtual ~GEOMGUI ()
virtual bool OnGUIEvent (int theCommandID, SUIT_Desktop *parent, const QVariant &theParam)
virtual bool OnMousePress (QMouseEvent *pe, SUIT_Desktop *parent, SUIT_ViewWindow *)
virtual bool OnMouseMove (QMouseEvent *pe, SUIT_Desktop *parent, SUIT_ViewWindow *)
virtual bool OnMouseRelease (QMouseEvent *pe, SUIT_Desktop *parent, SUIT_ViewWindow *)
virtual bool OnKeyPress (QKeyEvent *pe, SUIT_Desktop *parent, SUIT_ViewWindow *)
virtual void activate (SUIT_Desktop *parent)
virtual void deactivate ()
GeometryGUIgetGeometryGUI ()

Private Member Functions

bool importSTEP (SUIT_Desktop *)
bool exportSTEP (SUIT_Desktop *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ STEPPlugin_GUI()

STEPPlugin_GUI::STEPPlugin_GUI ( GeometryGUI parent)

◆ ~STEPPlugin_GUI()

STEPPlugin_GUI::~STEPPlugin_GUI ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ exportSTEP()

◆ importSTEP()

◆ OnGUIEvent() [1/2]

bool STEPPlugin_GUI::OnGUIEvent ( const QString &  action,
SUIT_Desktop *  parent 

Reimplemented from GEOMPluginGUI.

References exportSTEP(), GEOMGUI::getGeometryGUI(), and importSTEP().

◆ OnGUIEvent() [2/2]

bool STEPPlugin_GUI::OnGUIEvent ( int  commandId,
SUIT_Desktop *  parent 

Reimplemented from GEOMGUI.

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