Version: 9.12.0
GUI Namespace Reference


SalomeApp_ApplicationgetSalomeApplication ()
LightApp_SelectionMgrgetSelectionManager ()
SUIT_ResourceMgrgetResourcesManager ()
SALOMEDS::Study_ptr getStudyServant ()
 This returns the current active study if an active study is defined in the SALOME session, returns null otherwise. More...
SalomeApp_StudygetSalomeAppActiveStudy ()
SALOMEDS::SObject_ptr IObjectToSObject (const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&iobject)
template<class TInterface >
TInterface::_var_type IObjectToInterface (const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&iobject)

Function Documentation

◆ getResourcesManager()

SUIT_ResourceMgr * GUI::getResourcesManager ( )

◆ getSalomeAppActiveStudy()

SalomeApp_Study * GUI::getSalomeAppActiveStudy ( )

◆ getSalomeApplication()

SalomeApp_Application * GUI::getSalomeApplication ( )

Get the SALOME application, i.e. the main GUI framework of SALOME. This function returns a pointer to the singleton instance of the SalomeApp_Application.

The SALOME application can be used to get reference to the SALOME KERNEL services such that the naming service, the lifeCycleCORBA, ... Theses services can be retrieved using static functions (not required to get the singleton instance):

SALOME_NamingService *aNamingService = SalomeApp_Application::namingService();

Please note that this usage can be done only from within the SALOME session server process, i.e. the process that embed the SALOME application.

References SUIT_Session::activeApplication(), and SUIT_Session::session().

◆ getSelectionManager()

LightApp_SelectionMgr * GUI::getSelectionManager ( )

Get the selection manager of the SALOME application. The selection manager can be used to get the selected items in the objects browser that is a GUI display of the active study. The function returns a pointer to the selectionMgr attribute of the SalomeApp_Application singleton instance.

References getSalomeApplication(), and LightApp_Application::selectionMgr().

◆ getStudyServant()

SALOMEDS::Study_ptr GUI::getStudyServant ( )

This returns the current active study if an active study is defined in the SALOME session, returns null otherwise.

◆ IObjectToInterface()

template<class TInterface >
TInterface::_var_type GUI::IObjectToInterface ( const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&  iobject)

References IObjectToSObject().

◆ IObjectToSObject()

SALOMEDS::SObject_ptr GUI::IObjectToSObject ( const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&  iobject)