Version: 9.12.0
VTK::ActorCollectionCopy Struct Reference

#include <VTKViewer_Algorithm.h>

Public Member Functions

 ActorCollectionCopy (vtkActorCollection *theActorCollection)
 ~ActorCollectionCopy ()
vtkActorCollection * GetActors () const

Public Attributes

vtkActorCollection * myActorCollection

Detailed Description

This object should be used to avoid problems with recurring calls of GetActors() method of the vtkRenderer class.

Instead of the following instructions:

vtkRenderer* aRenderer = ...; vtkActorCollection* anActorCollection = aRenderer->GetActors(); DoSomething( anActorCollection ); // where GetActors() could be called again

A code like the following should be used:

vtkRenderer* aRenderer = ...; vtkActorCollection* anActorCollection = aRenderer->GetActors(); ActorCollectionCopy aCopy( anActorCollection ); DoSomething( aCopy.GetActors() );

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ActorCollectionCopy()

VTK::ActorCollectionCopy::ActorCollectionCopy ( vtkActorCollection *  theActorCollection)

References myActorCollection.

◆ ~ActorCollectionCopy()

VTK::ActorCollectionCopy::~ActorCollectionCopy ( )

References myActorCollection.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetActors()

vtkActorCollection * VTK::ActorCollectionCopy::GetActors ( ) const

References myActorCollection.

Member Data Documentation

◆ myActorCollection

vtkActorCollection* VTK::ActorCollectionCopy::myActorCollection

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