Version: 9.12.0
CurveCreator_UtilsICurve Class Reference

#include <CurveCreator_UtilsICurve.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static int findLocalPointIndex (const CurveCreator_ICurve *theCurve, int theSectionId, double theX, double theY)
static void findSectionsToPoints (const CurveCreator_ICurve *theCurve, const double theX, const double theY, CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList &thePoints)
static void convert (const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList &thePoints, QMap< int, QList< int > > &theConvPoints)
static void getPoint (const CurveCreator_ICurve *theCurve, const int theISection, const int theIPoint, gp_Pnt &thePoint)
static std::string getUniqSectionName (CurveCreator_ICurve *theCurve)
static bool contains (const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList &theList, const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPoint &theValue)
 Returns whether the container has the value. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ contains()

bool CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::contains ( const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList theList,
const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPoint theValue 
theLista container of values
theValuea value

◆ convert()

void CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::convert ( const CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList thePoints,
QMap< int, QList< int > > &  theConvPoints 

◆ findLocalPointIndex()

int CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::findLocalPointIndex ( const CurveCreator_ICurve theCurve,
int  theSectionId,
double  theX,
double  theY 

Returns a point index in the model curve by the point coordinates in the viewer

theXthe X coordinate of the point
theYthe Y coordinate of the point

References CurveCreator_ICurve::getNbPoints(), CurveCreator_ICurve::getPoint(), and LOCAL_SELECTION_TOLERANCE.

◆ findSectionsToPoints()

void CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::findSectionsToPoints ( const CurveCreator_ICurve theCurve,
const double  theX,
const double  theY,
CurveCreator_ICurve::SectionToPointList thePoints 

◆ getPoint()

void CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::getPoint ( const CurveCreator_ICurve theCurve,
const int  theISection,
const int  theIPoint,
gp_Pnt &  thePoint 

◆ getUniqSectionName()

std::string CurveCreator_UtilsICurve::getUniqSectionName ( CurveCreator_ICurve theCurve)

Returns a unique section name

theCurvea curve interface

References CurveCreator_ICurve::getNbSections(), and CurveCreator_ICurve::getSectionName().

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