Version: 9.12.0
GEOM::ISTLOperations Interface Reference

Interface for STLPlugin modeling functions.


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Public Member Functions

void ExportSTL (in GEOM::GEOM_Object theObject, in string theFileName, in boolean theIsASCII, in double theDeflection, in boolean theIsRelative)
 Export the given shape into a file with given name in STL format. More...
GEOM::ListOfGO ImportSTL (in string theFileName)
 Import a shape from the STL file. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOM::GEOM_IOperations
boolean IsDone ()
 To know, if the operation was successfully performed. More...
void SetErrorCode (in string theErrorID)
 Set the operation error code. More...
string GetErrorCode ()
 Get the operation error code. More...
void StartOperation ()
 Opens a new transaction. More...
void FinishOperation ()
 Closes the previously opened transaction. More...
void AbortOperation ()
 Aborts the previously opened transaction. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExportSTL()

void GEOM::ISTLOperations::ExportSTL ( in GEOM::GEOM_Object  theObject,
in string  theFileName,
in boolean  theIsASCII,
in double  theDeflection,
in boolean  theIsRelative 
theObjectShape to be stored in the file.
theFileNameName of the file to store the given shape in.
theIsASCIIThe format of the exported file (ASCII or Binary).
theDeflectionDeflection of the given shape.
theIsRelativeMode for writing the file. If True (default value), the deflection is calculated from the relative size of the shape; if False, the user defined deflection is used.

◆ ImportSTL()

GEOM::ListOfGO GEOM::ISTLOperations::ImportSTL ( in string  theFileName)
theFileNameThe file, containing the shape.
List of GEOM_Objects, containing the created shape and propagation groups.

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