Version: 9.12.0
GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter Struct Reference

Declaration of properties for diameter dimensions.

#include <GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty.h>

Inheritance diagram for GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter:
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Public Member Functions

 Diameter ()
 Diameter (const Diameter &theOther)
 ~Diameter ()
void Init (const Handle(AIS_DiameterDimension)&theIO, const gp_Ax3 &theLCS)
 Inits property fields from the passed length object. More...
void Update (Handle(AIS_DiameterDimension)&theIO, const gp_Ax3 &theLCS)
 Updates length object properties from the fields. More...
void ToValues (std::vector< double > &theValues) const
 Packs properties to array of doubles. More...
void FromValues (int &theIt, const std::vector< double > &theValues)
 Unpacks properties from array of doubles. More...
bool operator== (const Diameter &theOther) const
 Overload comparison. More...
bool operator!= (const Diameter &theOther) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Record
 Record (const DimensionType theType)
DimensionType Type () const
LengthAsLength ()
DiameterAsDiameter ()
AngleAsAngle ()

Public Attributes

gp_Circ Circle
gp_Pln Plane
double Flyout
Prs3d_DimensionTextHorizontalPosition TextHPos
Prs3d_DimensionTextVerticalPosition TextVPos
Prs3d_DimensionArrowOrientation ArrowPos

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Diameter() [1/2]

GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Diameter ( )

◆ Diameter() [2/2]

GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Diameter ( const Diameter theOther)

◆ ~Diameter()

GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::~Diameter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ FromValues()

void GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::FromValues ( int &  theIt,
const std::vector< double > &  theValues 
theIt[in/out] the array index iterator.
theValues[in] the vector of values.

Implements GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Record.

◆ Init()

void GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Init ( const Handle(AIS_DiameterDimension)&  theIO,
const gp_Ax3 &  theLCS 
theIO[in] the interactive presentation.
theLCS[in] the local coordinate system of parent object.

◆ operator!=()

bool GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::operator!= ( const Diameter theOther) const

◆ operator==()

bool GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::operator== ( const Diameter theOther) const

References ArrowPos, Circle, Flyout, Plane, TextHPos, and TextVPos.

◆ ToValues()

void GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::ToValues ( std::vector< double > &  theValues) const
theValues[out] the values vector to populate.

Implements GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Record.

◆ Update()

void GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Update ( Handle(AIS_DiameterDimension)&  theIO,
const gp_Ax3 &  theLCS 
theIO[in/out] the interactive presentation.
theLCS[in] the local coordinate system of parent object.

References Handle().

Member Data Documentation

◆ ArrowPos

Prs3d_DimensionArrowOrientation GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::ArrowPos

◆ Circle

gp_Circ GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Circle

◆ Flyout

double GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Flyout

◆ Plane

gp_Pln GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::Plane

◆ TextHPos

Prs3d_DimensionTextHorizontalPosition GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::TextHPos

◆ TextVPos

Prs3d_DimensionTextVerticalPosition GEOMGUI_DimensionProperty::Diameter::TextVPos

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