SHAPER  9.12.0
FeaturesPlugin_ValidatorUnionArguments Class Reference

Validator for the "Union" feature. More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool isValid (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > &theFeature, const std::list< std::string > &theArguments, Events_InfoMessage &theError) const
virtual bool isNotObligatory (std::string theFeature, std::string theAttribute)
 Returns true if the attribute in feature is not obligatory for the feature execution. More...

Detailed Description

Validator for the "Union" feature.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isValid()

bool FeaturesPlugin_ValidatorUnionArguments::isValid ( const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > &  theFeature,
const std::list< std::string > &  theArguments,
Events_InfoMessage theError 
) const
true if result is valid shape.
theFeaturethe checked feature
theArgumentsarguments of the feature (not used)
theErrorerror message

Implements ModelAPI_FeatureValidator.

◆ isNotObligatory()

bool ModelAPI_FeatureValidator::isNotObligatory ( std::string  theFeature,
std::string  theAttribute