SHAPER  9.12.0
ModelAPI_FeatureValidator Class Referenceabstract

The geneneric validator for the whole feature. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ModelAPI_FeatureValidator ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~ModelAPI_FeatureValidator ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
virtual bool isValid (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > &theFeature, const std::list< std::string > &theArguments, Events_InfoMessage &theError) const =0
 Returns true if feature and/or attributes are valid. More...
virtual bool isNotObligatory (std::string theFeature, std::string theAttribute)
 Returns true if the attribute in feature is not obligatory for the feature execution. More...

Detailed Description

The geneneric validator for the whole feature.

Can be redefined for some specific feature, but by default for each feature this validator is used: it checks each argument of the feature and if one of it is not valid (and obligatory), the hole feature is invalid.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelAPI_FeatureValidator()

ModelAPI_FeatureValidator::ModelAPI_FeatureValidator ( )

Default constructor.

◆ ~ModelAPI_FeatureValidator()

ModelAPI_FeatureValidator::~ModelAPI_FeatureValidator ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isValid()

◆ isNotObligatory()

bool ModelAPI_FeatureValidator::isNotObligatory ( std::string  theFeature,
std::string  theAttribute