SHAPER  9.12.0
ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage Class Reference

Message that style of visualization of parameter is changed. More...

Inheritance diagram for ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage:
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Public Member Functions

MODELAPI_EXPORT ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage (const Events_ID theID, const void *theSender)
 Creates an empty message. More...
virtual MODELAPI_EXPORT ~ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage ()
 The virtual destructor. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT void setCreatedFeature (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > &theFeature)
 Fills previous feature parameter. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > & createdFeature () const
 Returns previous feature parameter. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT void setSelectedObject (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Object > &theObject)
 Fills selected object parameter \theObject a feature or result. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Object > & selectedObject () const
 Returns selected object parameter. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT void setSelectedAttribute (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Attribute > &theAttribute)
 Fills selected attribute parameter \theAttribute. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Attribute > & selectedAttribute ()
 Returns selected attribute parameter. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT void setClickedPoint (const std::shared_ptr< GeomAPI_Pnt2d > &thePoint)
 Fills clicked point \thePoint. More...
MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr< GeomAPI_Pnt2d > & clickedPoint ()
 Returns clicked point. More...
const Events_IDeventID () const
 Returns identifier of the message. More...
void * sender () const
 Returns sender of the message or NULL if it is anonymous message. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static MODELAPI_EXPORT Events_ID eventId ()
 Static. Returns EventID of the message. More...

Detailed Description

Message that style of visualization of parameter is changed.

It will be shown as expression or value

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage()

ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage ( const Events_ID  theID,
const void *  theSender 

Creates an empty message.

◆ ~ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage()

virtual MODELAPI_EXPORT ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::~ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage ( )

The virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ eventId()

static MODELAPI_EXPORT Events_ID ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::eventId ( )

Static. Returns EventID of the message.

◆ setCreatedFeature()

MODELAPI_EXPORT void ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::setCreatedFeature ( const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Feature > &  theFeature)

Fills previous feature parameter.

◆ createdFeature()

MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr<ModelAPI_Feature>& ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::createdFeature ( ) const

Returns previous feature parameter.

◆ setSelectedObject()

MODELAPI_EXPORT void ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::setSelectedObject ( const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Object > &  theObject)

Fills selected object parameter \theObject a feature or result.

◆ selectedObject()

MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr<ModelAPI_Object>& ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::selectedObject ( ) const

Returns selected object parameter.

◆ setSelectedAttribute()

MODELAPI_EXPORT void ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::setSelectedAttribute ( const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_Attribute > &  theAttribute)

Fills selected attribute parameter \theAttribute.

◆ selectedAttribute()

MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr<ModelAPI_Attribute>& ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::selectedAttribute ( )

Returns selected attribute parameter.

◆ setClickedPoint()

MODELAPI_EXPORT void ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::setClickedPoint ( const std::shared_ptr< GeomAPI_Pnt2d > &  thePoint)

Fills clicked point \thePoint.

◆ clickedPoint()

MODELAPI_EXPORT const std::shared_ptr<GeomAPI_Pnt2d>& ModelAPI_EventReentrantMessage::clickedPoint ( )

Returns clicked point.

◆ eventID()

const Events_ID& Events_Message::eventID ( ) const

Returns identifier of the message.

◆ sender()

void* Events_Message::sender ( ) const

Returns sender of the message or NULL if it is anonymous message.