Nodal connectivity of elements

The following images show order of nodes in correctly defined elements.

Edge (segment): linear and quadratic
Triangle: linear, quadratic and bi-quadratic
Quadrangle: linear, quadratic and bi-quadratic
Polygon: linear and quadratic
Tetrahedron: linear and quadratic
Hexahedron: linear, quadratic and tri-quadratic
Pentahedron: linear and quadratic
Pyramid: linear and quadratic
Hexagonal prism
Polyhedron is defined by
  • a sequence of nodes defining all facets

  • a sequence of number of nodes per facet

Nodes: Node1_of_Facet1, Node2_of_Facet1, …, NodeN_of_Facet1, Node1_of_Facet2, Node2_of_Facet2, …, NodeN_of_Facet2, Node1_of_FacetM, Node2_of_FacetM, …, NodeN_of_FacetM

Quantity of nodes per facet: NbNodes_in_Facet1, NbNodes_in_Facet2, …, NbNodes_in_FacetM

For example the polyhedron shown in the image below is defined by nodes [ 1,2,3, 1,4,5,2, 2,5,6,3, 3,6,4,1, 4,7,9,5, 5,9,8,6, 6,8,7,4, 7,8,9 ] and quantities [ 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3 ]


Order of nodes of a facet must assure outward direction of its normal.