Create Dual Mesh

We can create the dual of a Tetrahedron Mesh which will be a polyhedron mesh. The Mesh is created using MEDCoupling computeDualMesh function.

To create a dual mesh:

From the contextual menu in the Object Browser of from the Mesh menu select Create Dual Mesh or click “Create Dual Mesh” button img in the toolbar.

The following dialog box will appear:


In the dialog:

  • specify the mesh for which to create the dual mesh: * Select whole mesh from the study tree. If a mesh was selected before calling function it will be preselected. * If the mesh is not made of only Tetrahedrons a error message will be displayed and you won’t be allowed to go through.

  • specify the New Mesh Name;

  • activate Project boundary elements on shape for the boundary points of the dual mesh to be projected on their associated shape.

  • Click Apply or Apply and Close button to confirm the operation.

Limitations of the dual mesh

Only 2d groups will be transferred to the dual mesh.

If you have convex shape the projection might not improve the mesh.

See Also a sample script of Creating Dual Mesh.