Version: 9.12.0
GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject Interface Reference

A common root of objects in GEOM module.


Inheritance diagram for GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject:
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Public Member Functions

void SetName (in string theName)
 Set name of the object. More...
string GetName ()
 Get name of the object associated with this object. More...
string GetEntry ()
 Get internal (unique) entry of the object in the GEOM component's data tree. More...
long GetType ()
 Get internal type of operation created this object (POINT, BOX, CYLINDER, EXTRUSION...). More...
long GetTick ()
 Get value of a modification counter of the object. More...
void SetStudyEntry (in string theEntry)
 Set a Study entry where this object was published. More...
string GetStudyEntry ()
 Get a Study entry where this object was published. More...
ListOfGBO GetDependency ()
 Get a list of all GEOM_Object on which were the arguments when this object was constructed and modified. More...
ListOfGBO GetLastDependency ()
 Get a list of GEOM_Object on which the last function that created or modified the object depends. More...
boolean IsShape ()
boolean IsSame (in GEOM_BaseObject other)
void SetParameters (in string theParameters)
string GetParameters ()
 Return list of notebook variables used for object creation separated by ":" symbol. More...
CreationInformationSeq GetCreationInformation ()
 Return name of operation and values of parameters used for object creation. More...
GEOM_Gen GetGen ()
 Return the engine creating this object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCreationInformation()

CreationInformationSeq GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetCreationInformation ( )

◆ GetDependency()

ListOfGBO GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetDependency ( )
This method is supposed to be used by GUI only.

◆ GetEntry()

string GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetEntry ( )
This is not an entry of the data object in SALOME study. This is internal function of GEOM component, though it can be used outside it for appropriate reason (e.g. for unique identification of geometry object).

◆ GetGen()

GEOM_Gen GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetGen ( )

◆ GetLastDependency()

ListOfGBO GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetLastDependency ( )
This method is supposed to be used by GUI only.

◆ GetName()

TCollection_AsciiString GEOM_BaseObject::GetName ( )


References GEOM::Handle().

◆ GetParameters()

TCollection_AsciiString GEOM_BaseObject::GetParameters ( )


◆ GetStudyEntry()

string GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetStudyEntry ( )

◆ GetTick()

long GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::GetTick ( )

◆ GetType()

int GEOM_BaseObject::GetType ( )
To get topological information on the object, use WhatIs() or KindOfShape() operation.


References Handle(), and TYPE_LABEL.

◆ IsSame()

boolean GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::IsSame ( in GEOM_BaseObject  other)

◆ IsShape()

boolean GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::IsShape ( )

◆ SetName()

void GEOM_BaseObject::SetName ( in string  theName)
theNameis a name which will be associated with this object.


◆ SetParameters()

void GEOM_BaseObject::SetParameters ( in string  theParameters)

Set list of parameters

theParametersis a string containing the notebook variables separated by ":" symbol, used for object creation


◆ SetStudyEntry()

void GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject::SetStudyEntry ( in string  theEntry)

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