Version: 9.12.0
GEOM::GEOM_Field Interface Reference

Interface of the field.


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Public Member Functions

GEOM_Object GetShape ()
 Returns the shape the field lies on. More...
field_data_type GetDataType ()
 Returns type of field data. More...
short GetDimension ()
 Returns dimension of the shape the field lies on 0 - VERTEX, 1 - EDGE, 2 - FACE, 3 - SOLID, -1 - whole shape. More...
string_array GetComponents ()
 Returns names of components. More...
GEOM_FieldStep AddStep (in long stepID, in long stamp)
 Removes a component. Component number counts from one. More...
void RemoveStep (in long stepID)
 Remove a time step from the field. More...
long CountSteps ()
 Returns number of time steps in the field. More...
ListOfLong GetSteps ()
 Returns a list of time step IDs in the field. More...
GEOM_FieldStep GetStep (in long stepID)
 Returns a time step by its ID. More...
long GetArraySize ()
 Returns a size of data array that is to be passed to GEOM_FieldStep.SetValues( dataArray ). This size depends on the number of sub-shapes of field dimension and the number of components. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOM::GEOM_BaseObject
void SetName (in string theName)
 Set name of the object. More...
string GetName ()
 Get name of the object associated with this object. More...
string GetEntry ()
 Get internal (unique) entry of the object in the GEOM component's data tree. More...
long GetType ()
 Get internal type of operation created this object (POINT, BOX, CYLINDER, EXTRUSION...). More...
long GetTick ()
 Get value of a modification counter of the object. More...
void SetStudyEntry (in string theEntry)
 Set a Study entry where this object was published. More...
string GetStudyEntry ()
 Get a Study entry where this object was published. More...
ListOfGBO GetDependency ()
 Get a list of all GEOM_Object on which were the arguments when this object was constructed and modified. More...
ListOfGBO GetLastDependency ()
 Get a list of GEOM_Object on which the last function that created or modified the object depends. More...
boolean IsShape ()
boolean IsSame (in GEOM_BaseObject other)
void SetParameters (in string theParameters)
string GetParameters ()
 Return list of notebook variables used for object creation separated by ":" symbol. More...
CreationInformationSeq GetCreationInformation ()
 Return name of operation and values of parameters used for object creation. More...
GEOM_Gen GetGen ()
 Return the engine creating this object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddStep()

GEOM_FieldStep GEOM::GEOM_Field::AddStep ( in long  stepID,
in long  stamp 

Adds a time step to the field

◆ CountSteps()

long GEOM::GEOM_Field::CountSteps ( )

◆ GetArraySize()

long GEOM::GEOM_Field::GetArraySize ( )

◆ GetComponents()

string_array GEOM::GEOM_Field::GetComponents ( )

◆ GetDataType()

int GEOM_Field::GetDataType ( )

◆ GetDimension()

int GEOM_Field::GetDimension ( )

◆ GetShape()

GEOM_Object GEOM::GEOM_Field::GetShape ( )

◆ GetStep()

GEOM_FieldStep GEOM::GEOM_Field::GetStep ( in long  stepID)

◆ GetSteps()

std::list< Handle(GEOM_FieldStep)> GEOM_Field::GetSteps ( )

◆ RemoveStep()

void GEOM::GEOM_Field::RemoveStep ( in long  stepID)

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