SHAPER  9.12.0
ModelHighAPI_Dumper::DumpStorage Class Reference

Storage for the dumped data. More...

Inheritance diagram for ModelHighAPI_Dumper::DumpStorage:
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Public Member Functions

 DumpStorage (const DumpStorage &theOther)
const DumpStorageoperator= (const DumpStorage &theOther)
void setFilenameSuffix (const std::string &theSuffix)

Protected Member Functions

std::ostringstream & buffer ()
std::ostringstream & fullDump ()
virtual void reserveBuffer ()
virtual void restoreReservedBuffer ()
virtual void write (const std::shared_ptr< ModelAPI_AttributeSelection > &theAttrSelect)
virtual bool exportTo (const std::string &theFilename, const ModulesSet &theUsedModules)


class ModelHighAPI_Dumper

Detailed Description

Storage for the dumped data.

Process selection attributes to be dumped by naming.