About HypothesesΒΆ

Hypotheses represent boundary conditions which will be taken into account by meshing algorithms. The hypotheses allow you to manage the level of detail of the resulting mesh: when applying different hypotheses with different parameters you can preset the quantity or size of elements which will compose your mesh. So, it will be possible to generate a coarse or a more refined mesh.

The choice of a hypothesis depends on the selected algorithm.

Hypotheses are created during creation and edition of meshes and sub-meshes. Once created a hypotheses can be reused during creation and edition of other meshes and sub-meshes. All created hypotheses and algorithms are present in the Object Browser in Hypotheses and Algorithms folders correspondingly. It is possible to open a dialog to modify the parameters of a hypothesis from its context menu. This menu also provides Unassign command that will unassign the hypothesis from all meshes and sub-meshes using it. Modification of any parameter of a hypothesis and its unassignment leads to automatic removal of elements generated using it.

In MESH there are:

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