SHAPER  9.10.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAngleDirectionsUsed to store info about angle
 CBuildPlugin_Filling::MethodSupported methods for edge orientation correction
 CBuildPlugin_ValidatorExpressionValidator for the expression of parameter
 CConfig_PropClass which describes a one property
 CConfig_PropManagerClass which let to register properties
 CConfig_TranslatorThe definition provides collection and writing of missed translations
 CConfig_WidgetAPIProvides low-level API for WidgetFactory for reading xml definitions of widgets
 CConfig_XMLReaderBase class for all libxml readers. Provides high-level API for all xml operations
 CEvents_IDIdentifier of the event kind
 CEvents_ListenerBase interface for any event listener
 CEvents_LoopBase class that manages the receiving and sending of all not Qt-events in the application
 CEvents_MessageMessage for communication between sender and listener of event. Normally it is inherited by the higher-level
 CExchangePlugin_ToolsInternal tools for the ExchangePlugin
 CFeaturesPlugin_CompositeBooleanInterface for the composite boolean feature
 CFiltersAPI_ArgumentArgument of the Filter
 CFiltersAPI_FilterInterface for the Filter
 CGeomAlgoAPI_Circ2dBuilderCreates circle in 2D space satisfying combination of the following constraints:
 CGeomAlgoAPI_CompoundBuilderAllows to create face-shapes by different parameters
 CGeomAlgoAPI_CurveBuilderAllows to create a curve by the list of point
 CGeomAlgoAPI_DFLoaderDefines several static methods useful for Data Framework filling
 CGeomAlgoAPI_EdgeBuilderAllows to create face-shapes by different parameters
 CGeomAlgoAPI_FaceBuilderAllows to create face-shapes by different parameters
 CGeomAlgoAPI_InfoValueKeeps values of different possible types, used in python shapeInfo
 CGeomAlgoAPI_MapShapesAndAncestorsPerform mapping specified types of sub-shapes of given shape
 CGeomAlgoAPI_NExplodeSort shapes by their centers of mass, using formula X*999 + Y*99 + Z*0.9. Algorithm is copied from GEOM module, which uses nexplode Draw command from OCCT. Used for getting index of sub0shape in WeakNaming algorithm
 CGeomAlgoAPI_NormalToFaceAllows to create normal to face-shapes
 CGeomAlgoAPI_PointBuilderAllows to create vertex-shapes by different parameters
 CGeomAlgoAPI_PointCloudOnFaceAllows to create a cloud of points on face
 CGeomAlgoAPI_ProjectionProject curve onto a plane
 CGeomAlgoAPI_ShapeAPIAllows to access the direct API
 CGeomAlgoAPI_ShapeInfoProvides information about shapes in textual (HTML for Information Panel) or a list of parameters order (for python "shapeInfo" command)
 CGeomAlgoAPI_ShapeInfo::TranslatorA translator to the current language is needed for HTML export
 CGeomAlgoAPI_ShapeToolsUseful tools for working with shapes
 CGeomAlgoAPI_SolidClassifierClassify shape according to the given solid
 CGeomAlgoAPI_SortListOfShapesPerforms sorting of shapes according to geometric properties
 CGeomAlgoAPI_Tools::AlgoErrorVerify error in MakeShape algorithm
 CGeomAlgoAPI_Tools::File_ToolsFile tool
 CGeomAlgoAPI_Tools::LocalizerLocalizer tool
 CGeomAPI_Curve::ComparatorCompare addresses of curves
 CGeomAPI_ICustomPrsInterface of a class which can provide specific customization of object presentation
 CGeomAPI_InterfaceGeneral base class for all interfaces in this package
 CGeomAPI_IPresentableA class which defines an interface of object which is able to create its own presentation
 CGeomAPI_IScreenParamsA class which defines an interface of object which has to be provided with current screen parameters
 CGeomAPI_Shape::ComparatorCompare addresses of shapes
 CGeomAPI_Shape::ComparatorWithOriCompare addresses of shapes with respect to orientation of shapes
 CGeomAPI_Shape::EqualCompare addresses of shapes
 CGeomAPI_Shape::HashHash code for the shape
 CGeomAPI_ShapeHierarchyStorage for the hierarchy of shapes and their parents (compounds or compsolids)
 CGeomAPI_ToolsProvides auxiliary methods for shapes processing
 CGeomAPI_Vertex::GeometricComparatorCompare vertices geometrically
 CGEOMImpl_Fillet1dGEOMImpl_Fillet1d is 1D fillet algorithm on two planar edges with given radius
 CGEOMImpl_Fillet1dPointGEOMImpl_Fillet1dPoint is an internal class for 1D fillet algorithm to store and compare computed solutions on edges
 CIsEqualAuxiliary class used in std::find_if
 CMapEntitiesInternal structure to keep relation between sub-elements of old and new sketch
 CModel_ObjectsManager of objects of the document. Normally one this class corresponds to one document and just helper to manage objects (ModelAPI_Objects) inside of the document on the level of data storage
 CModel_ToolsA collection of methods useful for different parts of data model
 CModelAPI_AttributeGeneric attribute of the Object
 CModelAPI_BodyBuilderExtra API for the ResultBody that allows to work with naming
 CModelAPI_DataGeneral object of the application that allows to get/set attributes from the document and compute result of an operation
 CModelAPI_EntityRepresents a common parent class for Objects and documents. Provided in order to make possible distinguishing of objects and documents by downcasting of their pointers
 CModelAPI_EventCreatorAllows to create ModelAPI messages
 CModelAPI_ExpressionExpression for calculated values
 CModelAPI_FeatureCopyInterfaceAn interface for performing special copy actions
 CModelAPI_FiltersArgsDefinition of arguments of filters: id of the argument to attributes
 CModelAPI_FiltersFactoryManages registering of filters
 CModelAPI_IReentrantInterface of a class which can process specific messages
 CModelAPI_PluginInterface common for any plugin: allows to use plugin by the plugins manager
 CModelAPI_SessionObject that knows (from the initial XML file) which plugin contains which feature, loads and stores reference to loaded plugins by the feature functionality request
 CModelAPI_ValidatorAllows to validate the attribute value of a feature or the whole feature
 CModelAPI_ValidatorsFactoryManages the registered validators
 CModelAPI_ViewFilterA general interface class filters definition
 CModelHighAPI_DoubleClass for filling ModelAPI_AttributeDouble
 CModelHighAPI_DumperDump engine for the model
 CModelHighAPI_Dumper::DumpStorageStorage for the dumped data. Process selection attributes to be dumped by naming
 CModelHighAPI_FeatureStoreAllows to compare the original and the dumped/executed feature
 CModelHighAPI_IntegerClass for filling ModelAPI_AttributeInteger
 CModelHighAPI_InterfaceBase class for feature interfaces
 CModelHighAPI_RefAttrClass for filling ModelAPI_AttributeRefAttr
 CModelHighAPI_ReferenceClass for filling ModelAPI_AttributeReference
 CModelHighAPI_SelectionClass for filling ModelAPI_AttributeSelection
 CModuleBase_ArrowPrs::ComparatorCompare addresses of edges
 CModuleBase_IconFactoryThis is a class which provides icons of objects for object browser
 CModuleBase_ViewerPrsPresentation. Provides container to have feature, shape and/or selection owner
 CPartSet_MouseProcessorThis is an interface to allow processing of mouse events
 CPartSet_SketcherMgr::SelectionInfoStruct to define selection model information to store/restore selection
 CPartSet_ToolsThe operation for the sketch feature creation
 CPlaneGCSSolver_ConstraintWrapperWrapper providing operations with PlaneGCS constraints
 CPlaneGCSSolver_EntityBuilderAPI to convert data model entity to the entity applicable for PlaneGCS solver
 CPlaneGCSSolver_EntityDestroyerCollect entities of PlaneGCS solver which should be removed
 CPlaneGCSSolver_EntityWrapperWrapper providing operations with entities regardless the solver
 CPlaneGCSSolver_SolverThe main class that performs the high-level operations for connection to the PlaneGCS
 CPlaneGCSSolver_Tools::AttributeArrayProvide an interface to access values in attribute which is an array of values
 CPlaneGCSSolver_UpdateSend events to listeners about changing a feature
 CSelector_NameGeneratorAn interface for generation of the naming name basing on the current selection and document information. This requires higher-level data access, so, the caller of "name" method of Selector must implement this helper-class abstract methods
 CSelector_NExplodeSort shapes by their centers of mass, using formula X*999 + Y*99 + Z*0.9. Algorithm is copied from GEOM module, which uses nexplode Draw command from OCCT. Used for getting index of sub0shape in WeakNaming algorithm
 CSelector_SelectorBase class for all kinds of selection algorithms
 CSketcherPrs_FactoryClass which creates constraints presentations
 CSketchSolver_ConstraintConverts SketchPlugin constraint to the constraint applicable for solver
 CSketchSolver_ErrorCollects all sketch solver error' codes as inline static functions
 CSketchSolver_GroupKeeps the group of constraints which placed in the same sketch
 CSketchSolver_StorageInterface to map SketchPlugin features to the entities of corresponding solver
 CThreePointsUsed to store info about angle point and state